Sunday, September 4, 2011

Be beautiful, in and out

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yakov Bogatin: Diathesis

The diathesis can hit a child if he/she are incorrectly fed. And not only from the birth moment, and from the moment of pre-natal development. Each future mum should understand, that if it carries under heart of the child already feeds him definitely. And if it is wrong to feed there are such changes in a body that is called a diathesis. What is it? According to Yakov Bogatin an allergic diathesis is the anomaly of the constitution characterised by predisposition of an organism to allergic, inflammatory diseases. The diathesis is not an illness. This word designates initial stages of skin diseases such as: seborrheic or atonic dermatitis, a nursery eczema. And if this condition (diathesis) is not properly treated a psoriasis can develop as well as a neurodermatitis. A diathesis is the extended phenomenon. Usually happens at children of 3-6 months of a life and remains till 1-2 years. The child with an allergic diathesis easily gets a hypersensibility not only to food substances, but also to such external allergens, as wool and house dust. For these reasons Yakov Bogatin is sure as soon as there is a diathesis medical aid is necessary for it.

The diathesis reasons

Unfortunately, the diathesis remains up to the end not studied anomaly. But there are factors which directly influence diathesis occurrence.

1. Hereditary predisposition.
2. Environment influence.
3. Toxicoses of the first and second half of pregnancy.
4. The use of medicines during pregnancy.
5. Infringements of a food mode of the pregnant and feeding woman.
6. Some kinds of products on which the pregnant or feeding woman "leans". For example: eggs, honey, milk, marinades, berries, caviar.

Feed the child how pediatrists recommend. Any experiments with the kid can yield unexpected results. For example, uncontrolled feeding by a mix without appointment of the doctor. Yakov Bogatin suggests that the matter is that mixes happen different and in many of them a lot of sugar contains. It causes fermentation process. As a result the child becomes uneasy and rash can appear on the skin.

For children of the first year of a life foodstuff becomes allergens basically, but they can arrive and air by.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yakov Bogatin: What is frostbite?

Frostbite represents damage of any part of a body (up to a complete necrose) under the influence of low temperatures. More often frostbites arise during cold winter time at an ambient temperature more low-10-20o S.Pri long stay out of a premise, especially at high humidity and a strong wind, frostbite is also possible to get in autumn and in spring at temperature of air above zero.

Yakov Bogatin suggests that to frostbite on a frost the close both damp clothes and footwear, physical overfatigue, the hunger, the compelled long motionless and inconvenient position, previous cold trauma, easing of an organism as a result of the transferred diseases, feet sweating result, chronic diseases of vessels of the bottom extremities and cardiovascular system, heavy mechanical damages with a loss of blood, smoking and so forth.

The statistics testifies, that almost all heavy frostbites that led to amputations of extremities, have occurred in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. Yakov Bogatin is strongly against any kind of alcohol consumption in a cold season.

Under the influence of a cold in tissues there are the difficult changes which character depends on level and duration of temperature decrease. At temperature action more low -30o the major importance at frostbite has damaging action of a cold directly on a tissue, and there is a destruction of cages. Yakov Bogatin thinks that at action of temperature to–10o-20o at which there comes the majority of frostbites, vascular changes in a kind of a spasm of the smallest blood vessels have leading value. The blood-groove is as a result slowed down, action of fabric enzymes stops.